Anonymous: Out of curiosity, what's your favourite animal?


only a sith deals in absolutes


nik and i’s room at his house is called the nest

we nest


it’s 2014 and body hair still does the thing where it grows back when u get rid of it??? wow get ur shit together science 

Oh, there used to be a biological reason for body hair and now theres not and the people with body hair didn’t die off so its still a trait?

You can always easily pay for a designer baby, which is when you alter a small part of the genetic code for results such as this, but then what if your kid ends up wanting body hair? What if culture changes? What if the climate cools down?

Oh its 2014 and you can’t rationalise this and/or you want to complain that you shave hair that you think is culturally/socially unacceptable?

Hey amor i really like doing this would u mind if u started doing this?

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